By the time you  develop a software, the idea and needs change. How about something that makes software creation as fast as expressing an idea?

GoBeyond : A breakthrough technology

It is a technology that mimics the human model of describing problems and the way to solve them, and applies the model to software development. What we get is sheer magic...the ability to create software directly from natural language descriptions. We are not talking about trivial functions. We are talking about creating more complex software than what we can at present, because the new ability strikes at the essential complexity related to software development. It is time to redefine it and go beyond.

It doesn't mean programming or programmers are eliminated. It rather means we can develop more complex software in far lesser time. It means ideas can be translated into tangible software, in say one-tenth of the time it takes now. It means end users come one step closer to directly creating software using just a web interface. It means we can make software changes to match the speed of change of ideas and needs.

The best way to see the technology in action is on our blog where we are having an ongoing demo, in which you too can participate. We will also be starting services, where you can provide problem solving services. If you can articulate clearly (presently in English only) and can solve problems effectively, you too can provide your brainpower for these services. No programming language specific skills are required. if you are interested, subscribe to our blog and wait for the news. Many exciting possibilities are soon going to open keep watching this space!!!

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